Your child’s safety and security is our first priority

Whilst the nursery was being developed, all aspects of it were discussed with the fire safety department, environmental health and EYDP department before building work began to ensure that the best standards were adhered to.

All visitors to the nursery will have to gain entry by the front door which is physically opened by a member of staff. This way we know who has gained entry to the building. Visitors to the nursery will be asked to sign in the visitors book and will be accompanied at all times by a member of staff.

When a child first starts with us, we ask that both parents come to meet the staff so we are all aware of what they look like. We also ask for a recent photograph of both parents and any other carers who will be collecting your child from nursery. If for any reason someone else came to collect your child, we must have been previously informed and they must have a password which will have been given to us when you joined the nursery before letting them leave.

When staff start at the nursery an enhance DBS check is submitted. Staff are not let unsuperivsed until these checks have been received back and they have been ‘cleared’. References are always asked for.

The nursery has CCTV cameras in all the rooms and the outside areas of the nursery so to protect the children and safe during the day to day running of the nursery.